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We designed Eston Sehir Mahallem Project as a park which will combine the natural structure of the valley with the residents of the project. The main objective of our project is to provide different housing units supporting neighborhood relationships through lively outdoor areas while making no compromises of privacy. The green capillary arms flowing in the residents from the valley connect the whole settlement while the lines of the project determine the pedestrian paths and bicycle trails. In this way, the social life is not interrupted by the vehicle traffic whereas landscape diversity increases. While the physical and social environment is enriched by low-rise housing blocks, a settlement tissue ,which seems to be formed in time , comes into existence.

The children playgrounds, social areas supporting the neighborhood relationships, commercial units located on the main street of the site to met the daily needs take place among the property which we designed while we were transforming this valley into a district.

Swanke Hayden Connel Architecture is an architecture company that was established within Aukett Swanke Group in 1996. It provides project design services in different areas with its strong cooperation with London office. By providing effective solutions with design approach, aims to create environments that are harmonious with the urban fabric, conscious of ecological sensitivity, sustainable and prioritize the quality of life.

Details revealing a timeless style, rather than a fashionable one... Combination of luxury and modesty.

A sense as warm as “Home Sweet Home”… Even before you we filled your home with a glow of contentment and cosiness.

A beauty supporting simplicity, embracing contemporary... Aesthetic and authentic.