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        At Eston Şehir Mahallem you will seize the happiness not only at your home but also in the tremendous green area surrounding it. The children will get a taste of freedom and discover nature.

Our children will be able to spend time together in all seasons in the indoor and outdoor culture-activity areas considered for children and teens from all age groups.

+ Adventure Site
+ Mini Football
+ Children Swimming Pool
+ Reading Room
+ Children Playgrounds
+ Basketball
+ Cinema and Playstation Room
+ Play and Performance Atelier
+ Bicycle Trail
+ Tennis Court
+ Young Activity Room
+ Gym

Thanks to the social areas considered for yourselves and your children, neighborhood relations will overflow from homes. While your children spend time at the safe playgrounds and activity areas, just next to them you will enjoy your time with your spouse, friends and neighbors in the lounge or at the café . In a nutshell, life is beautiful in all seasons at Eston Şehir Mahallem.

+ TV Hall
+ Cafe

+ Gym
+ Sauna and Steam Rooms

+ Meeting Hall
+ Swimming Pool

You don’t have to go through weekend traffic by getting into your car with your family to breathe a sigh of relief. You are within the nature you have dreamed of in Eston Sehir Mahallem. You can walk, run and ride on a bicycle on the performance tracks in various lengths by taking your body into consideration, not only your soul.

Trees and flowers in the general structure of the valley landscape will add beauty to your neighborhood by being covered in snow in the winter, colorful flowers in the summer and red colors in the autumn and they will smell sweetly.